( 1999 - 2007 ) Powerstroke - 140 GPH Fass Fuel System

Titanium Series

1999 - 2007

Ford Powerstroke

0 To 700 HP

TS F14 140G

140 Gallons Per Hour


Fuel Air Separation Systems

( FASS )


Improved filtration rating of 3 Microns

Built in water separation filter

Patented air / vapor removal process


The Titanium Series diesel fuel lift pump was
engineered by FASS ( Fuel Air Separation
Systems ) to be the top performing, longest
lasting and most reliable aftermarket filtration
system in the diesel industry. 

A Titanium Series lift pump offers advance 
filtration benefits that will help protect your
injection systems, effectively extending the
life of both your Bosch Injection Pump and
Bosch Diesel Injectors. 

Complete system includes new bolt on mounting bracket, fuel line,
connections, harness, pump and filters.

Fass TS F14 125G

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Fass Fuel System

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( 1999 - 2007 ) Powerstroke - 140 GPH Fass Fuel System