5/8 Suction Tube Kit - With Bulk Head

Suction Tube Kit

5/8 Suction Tube Kit



The STK-1002 ( Suction Tube Kit ),

machined from 6061 T-6

Billet Aluminum, is a Bulkhead

Fitting comprised of a 5/8"

Suction Tube along with a ½"

Fuel Return Port. This new and

improved version from our previous

STK-Kit allows the user

to plum their FASS return line directly

to their bulkhead fitting,

eliminating all cutting of the filler neck,

and significantly speeds

up the installation process. The suction

tube is fabricated of

PTFE Teflon which can be easily cut to

adapt to different depth

fuel tanks. Properly installed, you can

safely operate down to

about 1/8 tank of fuel.

5/8 Suction Tube Kit - With Bulk Head