Fass Fuel Pump
Fass Fuel Pump – In stock and ready to ship. Fass fuel Pump for Semi's and Diesel Pickups. Fass Fuel Pump Ships FREE ! and on SALE Now ! ...
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NOTE: Titanium Filter Conversion
FF-2003  ( ORDER FWS 3003 and Adapter FSN-2001 )
FF-2010  ( ORDER FWS 3003 and Adapter FSN-2001 )
WS-1001 Pump Base is BLACK ( ORDER   FS-1001 )
WS-2001 Pump Base is
RED or BLUE ( ORDER   FS-2001 )

NOTE: Older Titanium Pump 95/95-1007 and 95/95-1008
Now use Filters FS-2001 and FWS-3003 and FSN-2001 Adapter.

fass fuel pump
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