( 2005 - 2009 ) 5.9L/6.7L - (0 to 600 HP) Cummins - Adjustable Fuel Pump Replacement Kit ( 1 to 20 PSI ) ( 100 GPH )

2005 - 2009

5.9L & 6.7L

Dodge Cummins Diesel

UP TO 600 Horsepower


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100 Gallons Per Hour
FASS Fuel Systems
Adjustable ( 1 - 20 PSI ) 
Diesel Fuel Lift Pump

FASS Adjustable Diesel Fuel Pumps are designed
to be the most versatile high performance fuel pump
on the market that allows for Adjustable Fuel
Pressures to meet the demand of high performance
Dodge Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L applications. Manufactured with the same motor used in our Titanium Series pumps, this adjustable fuel pump is rated at 95 gallons of diesel fuel per hour and offers adjustable fuel pressure from 1-75 PSI to customize fuel delivery for race or competition diesel engines. To aid in proper performance; a boost compensation port, air pressure from your intake manifold raises fuel pressures while under full throttle, maintaining fuel pressure when it matters most.

This kit includes a FASS STK-1002 (Bulkhead and Suction Tube Kit). Machined from 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum, the Bulkhead fitting functions as both a suction tube and return and features a 5/8ʺ Suction Tube along with a ½ʺ Fuel Return Port. This new and improved version from the previous Suction Tube Kit allows the user to plum their FASS return line directly to their bulkhead fitting, eliminating all cutting of the filler neck, and significantly speeds up the installation process. The pickup tube is fabricated of PTFE Teflon which can be easily cut to adapt to different depth of fuel tanks. Properly installed, you can safely operate down to about 1/8 tank of fuel.
Cummins Adjustable High Performance Lift Pump Features:
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure 1-75 PSI
  • Includes Bulkhead and Suction Tube Kit
  • High Performance 95GPH
  • Improves Fuel Flow
  • Boost Compensation Port
  • Built In Fuel Pressure Gauge Port
  • All Mounting Hardware Included

This is a fuel pump only and must be used with your factory fuel filter. It is suggested that all pumps be adjusted only if you have installed a fuel pressure gauge.



( 2005 - 2009 ) 5.9L/6.7L - (0 to 600 HP) Cummins - Adjustable Fuel Pump Replacement Kit ( 1 to 20 PSI ) ( 100 GPH )